* September 2010 E-Newsletter

Oshawa & District Coin Club

P.O. Box # 30557, Stevenson & King P.O. Oshawa, Ontario L1J 8L8

the Numismatic Reporter

VOLUME 50 ISSUE 7 June 2010 Circulation 75 Page 1 of 4

2010 Meeting Dates: Jan. 10th, Feb. 14th. Mar. 14th, Apr. 4th, May 2nd, Jun. 6th, Sep. 12th, Oct. 3rd, Nov.
14th, Dec 12th. At the Rundle Park Community Centre: 12:30 – 4:00.

Coin Shows: Feb. 20th, & Oct. 16th 2010 at the 5 Points Mall in Oshawa

NEXT MEETING; of the Oshawa and District Coin Club will take place on June 6, 2010 at
12:30 pm at Rundle park community Centre. Remember that the Oshawa and District coin
club is always open to friends an relatives. Please feel free to bring your friends and
neighbors It’s nice to meet new people and you never know, you may generate new interest in
the hobby.

            Welcome back after a hot summer! The next meeting for the 0.D.C.C. will be on Sept .12-20101 hope we can hear of some new finds overt summer. The last meeting on June 6 had 34 people in attendance and the raffle draw winners were club draw xxx and xxx, the door draw xxx, it’s hard to keep up to the JONES! Please NOTE please pick up your tickets for the 50TH dinner at the Sept meeting at $20.00 each as we need to order the meals ahead Thanks. The 50TH metals are now in for anybody who has not got them . As for some of our members who are ill we wish you quick recovery and that we will see you the club soon. See you at the club in Sept. Your Editor Wayne Goring...

Email: Papman@bell.net Club Hotline 905-728-1352


President – Bruce Watt

Vice President – Sharon MacLean

Past President – Sharon MacLean

Treasurer – Vacant

Editor – Wayne Goring

Secretary – Bob Porter

Show Chairman – Sharon MacLean

Librarian – Paul Strong

Junior Director – Felicia Massey

Directors – Bob Porter, Mike Massey, Ernie Ruch, Jin Bignell, Ed Keetch, Wayne Massey, and Marion

Attendance Draw Coupon Oshawa & District Coin Club

Name:___________________ Membership #:_______


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